We, at Byo-Safe Environment, utilize state-of-the-art electrostatic spraying technology paired with Earthsafe’s Protexus Cleaner & Disinfectant, and Protexus Matrix.

Protexus Cleaner & Disinfectant is an EPA Registered Hospital Disinfectant, Cleaner, Mold Killer, and Highly Effective Odor Eliminator.

It is non-irritating to the skin and noncorrosive to treated articles.

Protexus Matrix is the ONLY non-toxic, waterproof, and UV resistant product guaranteed to protect against the growth of Mold, Mildew, Fungus, Bacteria, Algae and Odors on treated surfaces for weeks and even years (depending on environmental conditions). This product is designed for use on any interior and exterior surface and is activated/reactivated by water and humidity above 10%. Due to the unique features of Protexus Matrix, any surface treated with this product need only be washed with warm water to completely disinfect the surface.

Benefits in Hospitals & Clinics


EPA Registered Hospital Disinfectant

Proven to kill a wide range of viruses and bacteria, Protexus Cleaner & Disinfectant won’t contribute to the formation of mutating “super bugs” and contains no VOC’s.


Odor Eliminator

Protexus Cleaner & Disinfectant contains no masking agents or

fragrances and is highly effective at neutralizing urine and fecal odors.